So What is the Hottest Word for Websites?

by Steve McDaniel

This is pretty easy to see. It is on millions of websites. People are drawn to the word like a moth to a candle. We see it on banners, in links, in graphic form, sometimes flashing, sometimes rotating, but always standing out there in the forefront. When we see it we just can't help but take notice.

Okay now I have you hooked! You are thinking what word is it, have I seen it, did it work for me? The answer is yes, and most likely yes again. The word that has the biggest draw on and off the Internet is F-R-E-E. We just cannot help ourselves, we see the word free and we just have to see or read more.

Here are some examples we have all seen:

  • Click here for a FREE Download!
  • Let us give you a Free Quote
  • Take a tour of our member's site, Free demo.
  • Order today and get free shipping.
  • Join our newsletter, it's free!

    So how can you use this to your advantage? As a Webmaster you are constantly competing with thousands of other sites looking to get the customer to come visit you instead of your competitor. So how can you use free to get more?

    One way that is really taking off these days is to offer a free e-book to download just for visiting, or maybe for signing up for your newsletter. If you have the skills to create an e-book to give out to you customers you hold the keys to a great advertising medium.

    What I mean by this is that you can put your own links within the e-book, or even banners from your site. Now if the e-book is any good others will share it with their friends, and as they say in advertising, 4 eyes is better than 2 and 8 eyes is better yet. So as your book spreads out, more and more people are getting your targeted advertising.

    So how do you get started? It is really easy. There are a lot of different sites that will help you to create your own e-book. There is also a lot of software out there to do it at a very affordable price also. For more information on how to create an e-book simply go into and search for "how to make an e-book"

    Thanks for reading this, I see the link to "Free Advertising" got your attention, and brought you here! So now go forth and use what you have learned!


    Steve McDaniel